Nightclubs are closing with new development coming into the area. The vigilance of local leaders with help from my office, in cooperation with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, is putting restriction on those that survive. Police cameras and security lights are also helping but a new licensing regime is close to approval. Nightclubs will now be regulated as entertainment facilities rather than as restaurants, and stricter rules will be enforced. The overcrowded sidewalks will be returned to the community and the neighbourhood will be respected again. Homelessness and aggressive panhandling will be tackled with a new housing assessment and referral centre being opened at 129 Peter Street. The parkette and streetscape of Richmond Street is to be redesigned with work beginning this year.

Red Dots
Red dots on the map displayed above identify active development sites in this neighbourhood.By clicking on the red dot a window will display information, photos and any upcoming meeting dates about the development.

Green Dots
Green dots on the map displayed above identify the location of parks in this neighbourhood. By clicking on the green dot a window will display information and photos about the park and local stewardship groups.

Areas shaded Purple
Purple shaded areas on the map identify stable areas or sites where local residents do not expect to see significant change.

Areas shaded Yellow
Yellow shaded areas on the map identify areas or sites in a neighbourhood where local residents expect to see some change or redevelopment.

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